Farm photos

July 28, 2016

Bees at hose
So thirsty! Bees congregating at the end of the garden hose.
So much eggplant.
Pepper buckets
Peppers of all sorts. Shishitos, pimento, & lunchbox– plus banana and lots of hot peppers.
Shishito and tobago
Shishito peppers and the first of the Aji Dulce for the year.
Premio tomatoes
Premio cluster tomatoes.
Shishito row
Shishitos in abundance, despite the heat.
Flower field
Zinnias, celosia, and gomphrena still going strong.
Cicada shells
A lovely cicada [shell] couple.

July 21, 2016

Cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes, by the pintful.
Sundried tomatoes
The perfect fix for when you have too many cherry tomatoes. A little less than a day in the dehydrator does the trick.
Shadecloth on tunnel
Shadecloth on the caterpillar tunnel. This year we put landscape fabric along the footers to suppress weed growth.
Planting ginger
Planting ginger in the hoophouse. Better late than never!
W in ginger tunnel
Ginger on both sides, Will and turmeric in the middle.
Gomphrena swirl
Spray of gomphrena blooms.
Wheel bug 2
Hey wheel bug! They are usually considered beneficials, but this one snagged a honeybee.
Milkweed seeds
A sign of midsummer; milkweed going to seed.

July 14, 2016

tomato heart
Tomato love.
Tomato spread
So many delicious varieties will be at market this week. Vote for your favorite at The Chapel Hill Farmers’ Market on Saturday!
blackberry lily
Blackberry lily.
cream glad
A lone bulb, blooming on the edge of the woods.
Bumble on scabiosa
Bumble bee getting some nectar from scabiosa flower.
T harvesting gherkins
Harvesting Mexican sour gherkins.
cool frog
After the rain, the frogs come out.



July 7, 2016

Shishito peppers
Shishito peppers.
Grilling shishitos
Skewered shishitos for grilling, plus roasted garlic, and ribs from T5 Farm.
Calliope eggplant.
csa week 10
Week 10 of CSA. Large share: cherry tomatoes, garlic, poatoes, Valencia & Paul Robeson tomatoes, eggplant, slicing cukes, Mexican sour gherkins, and shishitos.
muscadine vine
Muscadine grapes look promising.
mantis basil
Basil mantis.
popular sunflower
Most popular sunflower.

June 30, 2016

Turning towards the sun.
popcorn tassle
Popcorn tasseling.
tithonia close
Mexican sunflower or “torch flower” also bending towards the sun. We knew they would be tall… but maybe not this tall. They’re up to about 7′ already!
bees 2
Heading home before the storm.
irish spring and dara
More rudbeckia, with daucus dara in the background.
upside down Kelly
Hard work in the morning = cat nap in the afternoon.

June 23, 2016

Mexican sour gherkins
Mexican sour gherkins are back!
week 8 csa
Week 8 CSA: Huckleberry Gold potatoes, garlic, yellow & green beans, crookneck squash, tomatoes, Malabar spinach, and lots of pickling cukes with dill blossoms.
malabar spin
Malabar spinach. Perfect in quiche, stir fries, lasagna, and curry.
Hummingbird moth
Beautiful hummingbird moth in the verbena.
zinnias at dusk
Zinnias in the flower field at dusk.
flower field 6
Flower field during the day.
Swallowtail chrysalis on dill.
Bee larva
Honeybees (and larvae).
It’s hot out! Prying apart the frames revealed thick propolis (from tree resin) stretching apart like taffy.

June 16, 2016

4 basket harvest 2
Just the first tastes of summer.
Field and trellis
Summer field. So green, so green. Row by row: beans, tomatillos, eggplant, and cucumbers.
baby eggplant
Hello baby eggplant!
First okra
Hello baby okra!
First tom
The first tomato. Yes!
Peachy glad
Peachy gladiolus.
So red glad
Glamorous gladiolus.
Persimmon 2
Phew! Despite the late frost, the persimmons survived and are sizing up nicely.
Prairie sun
Green eyed susan.
Black eyed susan.
Trellising fingers
Trellising fingers.

June 9, 2016

Field D
Beautiful day in the fields. Cut flowers and Malabar spinach in the foreground, blooming buckwheat cover crop in the distance.
Tree frog
Hey tree frog!
Garlic curing
Garlic curing in the shed. The outer leaves are starting to dry and turn brown and brittle, the inner leaves are still green.
CSA week 6
CSA week 6! Larger share of arugula, tomatillos, cucumbers, carrots, Yukon Gold potatoes, beets, and epazote.
Bees incoming
Late afternoon bee activity. Good day for foraging.
Chip bowl
Yukon Gold potato chips. Delicious and easy to make! Thinly slice potatoes, allow to soak 15 min, pat dry, fry in batches in 375F oil until golden and crispy. Allow to drain on brown paper. Add salt. Enjoy.
Banana peppers
Banana peppers are getting big already!
End of the day
End of the day.

June 2, 2016

W harvesting flowers
Harvesting verbena.
Thundercloud forming in the east.
Purple haze carrots
Purple haze carrots.
Harvesting garlic
We had to pull one of our garlic varieties a little early. Some of the cloves began to sprout new stalks, rather than keeping a tight bulb.  Perhaps it was caused the wet weather this year.
Garlic bunch
Fortunately, many of the bulbs are still in tact and are now hung up to dry!
Bumble bee persimmon tree 2
Bumble bee on native persimmon flowers.
Box turtle
Box turtle on a mission through the potato patch.
Market stand
Come see us at market!