July 21, 2016

Cherry tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes, by the pintful.
Sundried tomatoes
The perfect fix for when you have too many cherry tomatoes. A little less than a day in the dehydrator does the trick.
Shadecloth on tunnel
Shadecloth on the caterpillar tunnel. This year we put landscape fabric along the footers to suppress weed growth.
Planting ginger
Planting ginger in the hoophouse. Better late than never!
W in ginger tunnel
Ginger on both sides, Will and turmeric in the middle.
Gomphrena swirl
Spray of gomphrena blooms.
Wheel bug 2
Hey wheel bug! They are usually considered beneficials, but this one snagged a honeybee.
Milkweed seeds
A sign of midsummer; milkweed going to seed.

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