June 9, 2016

Field D
Beautiful day in the fields. Cut flowers and Malabar spinach in the foreground, blooming buckwheat cover crop in the distance.
Tree frog
Hey tree frog!
Garlic curing
Garlic curing in the shed. The outer leaves are starting to dry and turn brown and brittle, the inner leaves are still green.
CSA week 6
CSA week 6! Larger share of arugula, tomatillos, cucumbers, carrots, Yukon Gold potatoes, beets, and epazote.
Bees incoming
Late afternoon bee activity. Good day for foraging.
Chip bowl
Yukon Gold potato chips. Delicious and easy to make! Thinly slice potatoes, allow to soak 15 min, pat dry, fry in batches in 375F oil until golden and crispy. Allow to drain on brown paper. Add salt. Enjoy.
Banana peppers
Banana peppers are getting big already!
End of the day
End of the day.

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