June 23, 2016

Mexican sour gherkins
Mexican sour gherkins are back!
week 8 csa
Week 8 CSA: Huckleberry Gold potatoes, garlic, yellow & green beans, crookneck squash, tomatoes, Malabar spinach, and lots of pickling cukes with dill blossoms.
malabar spin
Malabar spinach. Perfect in quiche, stir fries, lasagna, and curry.
Hummingbird moth
Beautiful hummingbird moth in the verbena.
zinnias at dusk
Zinnias in the flower field at dusk.
flower field 6
Flower field during the day.
Swallowtail chrysalis on dill.
Bee larva
Honeybees (and larvae).
It’s hot out! Prying apart the frames revealed thick propolis (from tree resin) stretching apart like taffy.

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